4 Ways to Promote Nobel without a website

One of the questions that our new affiliate partners frequently ask is: How can I promote Nobel if I don't have a website? Even though many affiliate marketers use their website as their main promotion channel, there are other effective ways to market our products.

So if you are new to affiliate marketing, you may want to tap in to the underestimated potential of the following 4 promotional channels:

1. Email

You can promote Nobel products through email marketing. You can begin by sending a short email to your friends or family. Explain how our calling cards work and how they can use them to save money on their international calls. You can also add you affiliate link in your email signature making each email an opportunity to close a sale. If anybody makes a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link, you automatically get a commission.

2. Social Media

Did you try our service and you were happy with it? Then why not spread the word? Use your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ profile to recommend Nobel calling cards. Always link with your affiliate id so you can make sure you get credited for your referrals.

3. Online Forums & Communities

Identify forums, discussion boards or online communities that are relevant for Nobel products. These can be related to travel, expat, ethnic, telecom or voip for example. Try to participate actively in each online community by engaging in discussions and providing useful input. Also, if the case, you can take advantage of your signature in which you can post your affiliate link. Be sure to always check their policy to verify if they allow affiliate links.

4. Article marketing

You can use article directories like Hubapages or Squidoo to write about topics related to international calling or anything that could relate to calling cards. Always focus on creating useful content for your visitors and include your affiliate links in the right context.

Any of the above marketing methods requires no investment and minimum effort. If you need help on how to start earning with Nobel's Affiliate Program you can always get in touch with our Affiliate Support Team here.


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