NobelApp - The smartphone app for international calls

NobelApp is our new app for iPhone & Android devices. It can be used with any of phone cards and calling plans or with NobelApp Credit.

NobelApp Credit is a new and distinct product perfectly suited for the app. Customers may purchase $10 to $150 NobelApp Credits and use it to place international calls, send text messages, as well as recharge prepaid cell phones in over 270 mobile networks worldwide.

So, now you can also advertise the NobelApp Credit and earn commissions from every sale you refer.

Get the NobelApp search boxes and banners from your affiliate account.

NobelApp's features :

  • Low and competitive rates, everywhere in the world.
  • All-around connectivity - connect through Wifi/3G or access numbers
  • 24/7 live in-app support
  • Call history
  • International cell phone recharge for more than 270 mobile networks
  • International text messaging

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